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Consultancy in the area of business processes and optimization

Are you a German company looking for a suitable partner in the Czech Republic? Are you a Czech supplier seeking cooperation with a German company?

Thanks to our experience and contacts we can connect individual companies and establish new business opportunities. Furthermore, we provide advice on business processes and optimize overall input costs.

Our strategy is always to involve individual employees into the process from the very beginning. At the very beginning, we listen to their issues and difficulties they may face within their activities. Then, we try to set up the process so that it is as helpful and user-friendly as possible.

  • We check the set up routines, you cannot hide the skeletons in the closet from us.
  • We analyse the processes within the purchasing department and find hidden reserves.
  • We find weak points and reveal possible non-communication.
  • We facilitate our business contacts and help establish new business opportunities.
  • We teach you how to lead business negotiations correctly and effectively.

We provide advice and consultancy in three areas