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Cooperation in strategic purchasing

In the area of strategic purchasing we help our clients with a wide range of issues from basic tasks such as setting up analyses and approval processes to, for example, entering the foreign market. Most often, we cooperate on joint creation of KPIs, on the introduction of groups of goods and their analysis, or on the definition of key and risk suppliers. Moreover, we try to observe the most common complaints from customers and suggest suitable corrective measures to prevent as many of them as possible.

What do we offer ad how do we work?

  • We will develop purchasing controlling system for you. Only by bringing light into your purchasing processes you can set the next course of your development and enforce your plans and goals
  • We analyse your suppliers, define possible risks and assess strategic business partners
  • We evaluate processes in the purchasing department. Our goal is not only to reduce input costs through cheaper purchases but also to streamline the entire process and save not only money but also your employees' time
  • We set up KPIs to help you monitor your goals
  • At your request, we train your buyers and purchasing managers so that your employees can quickly incorporate the newly acquired competencies into their daily practice
  • We evaluate your way of handling complaints from your customers

What will our cooperation bring to you?

  • Transparent system where nothing is hidden
  • Optimized department operations and improved purchasing processes
  • New and effective tools to identify and eliminate supplier risks
  • Comprehensive training of purchasing skills and business negotiation that combines consultancy, coaching and training to meet your specific requirements
  • Simple and intuitive tools for various analyses
  • Overview of the most common causes of complaints from your customers, their type and how to continue to handle those complaints to avoid repetition