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Consulting in the area of business processes

There is a potential for improvement in every business and sometimes only looking from the outside is enough and it helps to reveal that potential. Sometimes you just have no idea that things can be done better and faster.

Some activities are unnecessary within the framework of company processes while other activities are missing completely. In some cases, it is only necessary to improve communication between the individual parts of the company.

Another aspect of straightening the processes in a company is setting up of proper KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These measurable indicators will help you monitor both the process and fulfilment of the set objectives. It is up to the client to evaluate these indicators and, if necessary, to determine other KPIs.

What do we offer ad how do we work?

  • We analyse your company processes and describe weak points
  • We check if you use your business software efficiently
  • We reveal places that your business software is unable to solve
  • We prepare and provide you with simple templates to make your work more efficient
  • We create intuitive Excel-based software tailored to your needs

What will our cooperation bring to you?

  • Comprehensive overview of all company processes
  • Efficient use of company software
  • Easy-to-use tools or systematic steps to cover the weak points in your processes
  • Implementation and settings up of KPI templates