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About us

Company consulting in the area of company processes

Are there any process discrepancies in your company? Do you think that some activities could be done better, faster and more efficiently? Do you need to prepare for an important business meeting or to find new suppliers and start a successful cooperation with them? Let us advise you!

What are our goals?

  • We evaluate individual processes in the company in order to find out that you are doing a lot of unnecessary activities.
  • Together we eliminate errors which are constantly repeated.
  • We help you reduce input costs.
  • We will pass on our experience so that you can get the most out of it.

Our values


With almost 20 years of experience in the areas of purchasing within engineering department, management of people and working in an international concern, we have acquired wide knowledge and many skills from multiple areas of business management and process optimization.


A comprehensive view is one of our great strengths. We do not think about an issue separately, we take it as part of all the business processes, then we assess strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities.


We deal with our tasks with great enthusiasm and consistency and continuously until we find a proper solution to the full satisfaction of the customer.


We deal respectfully with all interested parties. We always listen to the views of everyone involved and treat everyone with due respect.

Objectivity and fairness

We maintain an objective attitude towards all parties involved always reviewing everything thoroughly and we consider all relevant aspects before making a decision.


By participating in various optimization projects we have learned a lot about both sides of the process - the optimizer and the optimized one. Thanks to this, we offer an unbiased view and we easily understand the attitude of both sides. This helps us greatly to solve problems better and more efficiently.

Emphasis on simplicity

There is no need to look for complicated ways if there are simple ones. Our priority is to find simple tools to solve difficult situations.


The utmost discretion in dealing with our customer confidential information is a matter of course.